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For the generation that watches knowledge!

Preparing for an exam or adding a new skill to your repertoire? If videos form an integral part of your learning, ReClipped will help you maximise it.

Add notes on videos, collect segments to revise, study in groups - on platform of your choice, from your favourite device.

Capture great moments from LIVE streams

Saw something that you can't resist sharing with friends? Click "Clip It" and hit Share. As simple as that!

Be it that gravity-defying catch in Cricket, or that amazing headshot in Counter-Strike. Clip It live and be the first one to share with the world.

Get to the right segment, fast!

Finding stuff inside a video is difficult. Even when you know that something exists in a video, it takes ages to get to that segment. Not anymore.

Using ReClipped search, you not only find the correct video, but also the right segment in it, fast!

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

All your snippets are synced into cloud. Access them from Desktop, Mobile as well as Tablet, using the ReClipped Web App.

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